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10 Best Lymphatic drainage massage NYC centers

Lymphatic massage is very popular these days. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is not only for the patients having Lymphedema. MLD’s benefit as a form of medical massage should not be kept unutilized. Many massage lovers prefer Lymphatic drainage massage due to its benefits.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage centres in New York City

The lymphatic system helps to remove the waste materials of the body. The lymphatic system uses smooth muscle and tissue movements to remove the wastages. Due to several medical condition fluid can be accumulated in the lymph systems and lymph nodes. This condition is known as the Lymphedema. And lymphatic drainage massage benefits you in this condition. So, if you have indulgence for massages then why not go for the one which has some deeper health benefits like lymphatic drainage massage.

How to Perform Lymphatic massage

This specialized massage system assists our lymphatic systems to keep a perfect balance in the fluids of the body, proper blood circulation and good immune mechanism. There is a network in the lymphatic system containing nodes and vessels containing lymph. Lymph is mixture of water, protein, wastages created by the cell metabolism and different immune system components.  Lymph nodes are found all over the body. Especially these are found in large quantities in armpits, groins and in the neck. The function of the lymph nodes is to filter the debris of the cell.

Well trained massage therapist uses special techniques during lymphatic drainage. These techniques include series of stretching, compressing, gliding and cupping motions in the body parts. A light and rhythmic movement is used to invigorate the lymphatic system without squeezing the vessels. So, the lymph moves easily through the lymph nodes and tissues. A proper lymphatic massage ensures that lymph is not confined. Light ad gentle pressure in a rhythmic motion a massage therapist will try to stimulate the lymph system to work more effectively.

Lymphatic massage benefits

About 70-75% lymph vessels are located just below the skin. These vessels pick up the fluids between the cell spaces. When gentle pressure is applied in special technique by the therapist the fluid flow improves and it assists in cleaning the sluggish tissues of the body. So lymphatic drainage massage benefits you in these ways –

  • Cleanse the sluggish waste tissues.
  • You will get long term benefits by creating a better pathway for the lymph vessels.
  • Filters the lymph fluid. Lymphocytes get a better home.
  • Improves the immune system.
  • Virus, bacteria, excessive fluids, proteins and wastes are removed efficiently.

Please remember lymphatic drainage massage is not recommended for the people having these conditions-

  • Kidney issues
  • Liver issues
  • Sever blood clotting history / stroke
  • Heart failure

So, before going for lymphatic drainage system consult with your physician for a proper diagnosis of the body.

Lymphatic drainage massage at NeW YOrk City

People from different areas are asking Why is lymphatic drainage massage needed? Are there any lymphatic drainage massage centers near me?

So, today I am giving a list of lymphatic drainage massage New York City centers. There are a number of good lymphatic drainage massage centers in New York. Go through the list if you are living in NY, USA.

Body Sculpting By Cris:
(347) 419-1507

Very efficient in cellulite treatment, lymphatic massage system and medical massage therapy. It is situated at Midtown, New York. A lot of good reviews are there about this massage therapy centre. For booking an appointment Please visit their contact page. They provide body sculpting, skin treatment and body treatment.

Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage
(347) 284-0086

This therapy centre is also great for lymphatic drainage massage and it is also situated at New York. People had a lot of benefits by going there. It has a fantastic rating as well. Schedule a visit through their website or by calling them.

Body Mechanics Orthopaedic Massage :
(212) 600-4808

It possesses a 5-star review. They provide sports massage, prenatal massage, TMJ massage therapy, normal massage and mastectomy massage NYC. Personally, I like their website as well. Call them or mail them. Enjoy the therapy.

Angela Guerra Skincare
(516) 606-1292

This is also a 5-star holder. Book your schedule online. They provide different waxing packages. Full body treatment through massage, skin care, male waxing and facials.

Medical Massage Group (929) 299-6237

Another 5-star service provider. They are specialists in prenatal and lymphatic drainage massage. In the review, many women expressed their thoughts about this massage centre.

Tatiana Martushev, LMT (917) 593-5982

They are providing CranioSacral, lymphatic drainage and visceral manipulation and all types of massages. In their website you will find FAQs about these massages and how these are done.

Massage by Netranie
(347) 495-8844

They provide Thai yoga, lymphatic drainage and other massage therapies. They also provide home services.

Pure Qi Spa
(718) 383-3822

A great centre for beauty and well being massage. They provide massages, facials , waxing and skin care.

Body So Perfect NY
(718) 571-8045

They are providing complete body sculpting , spa and facial treatments.

Ofer Massage
(917) 562-3402

This 5-star service provider is great for your lymphatic drainage massage. Situated at Jamaica, NY. In the website you will find all the information.

Please follow this link to get a good idea of the other lymphatic drainage massage centres in New York City.

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