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Holistic Health Center in New York City

Finding the perfect holistic health care services surely needs some effort. We have done the hard work for you. Now you will be able to find the best alternative medicine centers near you in New York City. If you are looking for integrative medicine centers this is the perfect list for you. Alternative medicine practitioners, yoga healing teachers, holistic healing medications and meditation centers are included here. So you do not need to go through any reviews as we have already done that. You can stop sending texts or calling your friends for suggestions. Now you do not need to move around Google blindly. Without further ado please bookmark this page and do your research here. previously we have researched and given a list of top lymphatic drainage massage centers in New York.

List of Holistic Health care Centers in New York

Before starting I think some knowledge sharing is required. You must want to know about the holistic healing techniques and holistic health center’s activities. So I will answer some simple questions-

What is holistic medicine?

The holistic medicine definition- Holistic medicine is a form of medication that includes working with the whole system of a person. Not only an affected organ but also the whole body, mind, spiritual well beings as well as the control over the emotion is studied and discussed here.

Does Holistic medicines really work?

According to Holistic medicine practitioners, holistic medicines work by first creating a proper balance on the body. They believe that the whole body is made of independent parts. if one part is not working properly there will be consequences and the whole body will feel an imbalance. For example, if you have headaches, instead of taking over the counter medicine you can visit a holistic healing center. The practitioner will check and analyze the issues with sleep, stress, and diet. They can prescribe some medicine for relieving symptoms and they will try to improve the total system by exercise/yoga/acupressure and spiritual meditation.

What are principles of holistic health care?

The basic principle of holistic healing is the belief that the person is responsible for his/her own well being. Unconditional love, support, and spirituality can heal any ailments. you just have to follow the proper techniques with a strong belief.

Holistic Health Practitioners in New York
Holistic Health Practitioners in NY

Integrative medicine Centers in New York


If you are looking for complete relief from any kind of digestive problem this integrative medicine center is perfect for you. The institute is run my doctor Vincent Pedre, MD and his team. They provide diagnostic services, nutritional guides, and health coaching. It is situated at suite 530, 120 East 56th Street, NY, New York 10022.


It is a unique natural care center which will take care of your diet, mindfulness and complete physical and mental health. Adults and children are attending the center for better results in their everyday life. Natural healing, excellent results after diagnosis, alternative pharmaceuticals, dietary changes, and what not! You will get everything here. Situated at 30A Maujer Street, Apartment 2A, Brooklyn, NY 11211.


This organization is founded by Dr. Robin Berzin, MD. She is the current CEO and has built a good reputation for the center. This technology friendly organization is doing advanced testing, diagnosis, and treatment with the help of certified holistic practitioners.

Address: 8th floor, 33 Irving Place , New York 10003


This holistic healing center is situated at Manhattan. It specializes in inflammation and food intolerances. Health coaches are expert in food and nutritions and they suggest perfect exercises, spiritualism and diet. Doctor Frank Lipman MD is the steersman of this healing/integrative medicine center with an expert and capable team. It is situated at 32 West-22nd street in New York.


Talented physicians are available at Weill Cornell holistic health care center. They provide whole body checkups and long session with the physicians, You will not find any other healing centers providing such long sessions. Weill Cornell provides tips about the lifestyle, acupuncture/acupressure techniques, massage therapy, meditation, etc. They also provide nutrition charts by discussing with the expert nutritionists. They provide a wide range of services starting from lifestyle tips, digestive problems, chronic pain treatments to cancer treatment.Hence, I think you will not be disappointed visiting Cornell Medicine. Address: 436 East – 69th Street, NY, NY 10065


Integrative medicine NY deals with chronic pain, tiredness, improving lifestyles, healthy and fit life suggestions. The expert team of doctors, nurses, and practitioners along with nutritionists and health coaches provide separate health care plans according to your situation. They also specialize in hormone replacement therapy and IV treatments. You will find it here- 200 West, Street# 57, New York, New York – 10019


This integrative medicine center has special services along with holistic healing. They provide regular classes on topics like metabolism, raising kids in a proper way, recovering from injury by self-healing techniques, etc. A recreational diet which helps to follow the prescription of the doctor easily is all you need and you will get it here. They have special healing methods through PEMF- Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. It helps to recover depression and many other conditions. They ONDAMED program which helps in quitting smoking. It is situated at 1514 Voorhies Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11325.


Treatments through a holistic approach as well as providing suitable weight loss program, Ayurvedic treatment, skin care, ONDAMED or energy therapy, oral vitamin therapy and integrative checkups are their main features. They also incorporate eastern healing techniques for diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome. Address: 10440 at Queens Boulevard, Queens, New York, 11375

Specialized Holistic Health Center for Women’s health


Transition to motherhood is not easy for a woman. At this time, a woman may suffer through postpartum depression. They are likely to be exhausted and there will be highs and lows of emotions. Though mothers need extra care at this time, the bulk of the attention goes right into the newborn adorable angel and you cannot complain about that. But mother’s need special is and love too. For handling the physical and mental conditions of mothers the motherhood center of NY has certain courses, counseling programs, classes, and support groups. It is situated at 205 Lexington Avenue. NY-10016


Dr. Eden Fromberg’s center is a great holistic women’s health care. The founder Dr. Fromberg is an integrative obstetrician and holistic women’s health specialist. Holistic Gynaecology has branches in New York City and the Hudson Valley. Their services include- holistic endocrinology involving treatments of hormonal imbalance, checking fertility, menopause, thyroid health, adrenal health, and pituitary health, etc. other services include pap smears, breast examinations, natural ovulation enhancement, PCOS treatment, nutrition and metabolism suggestions and many more. They have the center in 16 East-40th Street NY-10016


SAGE wellness believes that a holistic approach can heal your whole body. They specialize in Acupressure, Chinese herbal medicines. They use acupuncture for improving fertility and women’s health. Holistic treatment for woman’s health is their specialty. If you want to avoid pregnancy or want to get pregnant in each case they can help you through a holistic approach. SAGE wellness will help you in menopause problems, PCOS, bad PMS as well as general health care issues. Location: 139 Fulton Street, 1012. NY, NY-10038. You can visit this center for holistic medicine for some good results.


It has locations in Brooklyn and the Bronx. New Life is suitable for situations like first-time high-risk pregnancies. Western and Eastern medicines estuary is seen here. they help in screening tests, delivery, and childbirth classes are also available. You will find complete obstetrical and gynecological care. Located in 1504 East in 14th Street. Suite No 2. Brooklyn, NY-11230. Bronx address – 100 Einstein Loop North, Bronx, NY 10475.


They provide mother care through holistic healing. You will get all the intel that you need to know about pregnancy, diet, useful herbs, exercises, acupuncture, etc. Chinese herbal medicines are great for infertility and this organization utilizes that very well. High-quality infertility treatments are their specialty. They also provide male fertility programs. Address: 63-07 Dieterie Crescent, Rego Park, NY-11374.


Expert holistic health practitioners provide doula services in Mama Glow for expecting and new mommas. It will be found in Miami Beach, LA and in New York City. Mama Glow will offer you nutritional advice, yoga and mindfulness exercises for stress management, spiritual and ritual guidelines, pregnancy classes and consultancy. You will get full support from them. Expert doulas try to make pregnancy and delivery procedure easier.

Integrative Medicines and Meditation


Personally, meditation and yoga are my favorite holistic healing techniques. You can enjoy different meditation classes that deal with anxiety, stress, depression and strengthening your body. After doing these you will feel better and sleep better. You can schedule your visits through the website. You can buy online classes too! And practice them at home. Mindfulness and Kundalini Yoga are their main offerings. They have branches in many places of Manhattan and Brooklyn.


It is one of the oldest meditation centers of the city. From the very beginning, they are sticking to their task by their Buddhist traditional cures and medicines. They teach how to implement meditations into our everyday life. Shambhala training, weekly dharma gathering, learning meditations are the regular programs they offer. It is a good institute for emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. You will find it in 118 West, 22nd Street NY, NY 10011.


It is the most mind-blowing alternative health care center in the city. The meditation classroom looks very artistic. It has a studio which looks like an art gallery. The two meditation rooms are well furnished and perfect for creating a connection between the body and the mind. They offer a number of integrative medicine. Visit their website for a better idea.

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