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How to make your own Free Weight Loss Percentage Calculator in Excel

Excessive weight is unhealthy because it puts an excessive amount of strain in your heart. If you think you do not have any risk factors to fall a victim of heart attack or stroke then the only thing that you need to take care of is your weight. Obesity or having overweight increases the probability of developing diabetes and high blood pressure. Moreover, this can result in paralysis and pains in different body limbs. Toe pain, knee pain, common shoulder injuries, lower and upper back pain are most common with the obese people. So, to reduce weight take all the necessary steps and don’t forget to have your own personal weight loss percentage calculator.

So, you should take necessary measures to cut the extra fat and lose redundant weight for a better life. For this, you can adapt to any methods you like. Even you can approach the holistic medicine centers if you want. But to lose excess weight you need to have a track of your improvement. That is why you need to understand weight loss percentage formula and you can make your own calculator for calculating the percentage of weight loss.

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Some basic Q & A Related to Weight loss percentage

What is the weight loss percentage calculator?

It is a device that calculates the percentage reduction of weight by taking into account your previous weight and current weight.

Why need to calculate the weight loss percentage?

To keep the track of your weight loss program, to adjust the diet and workout plans, to understand if you are going towards the correct direction for achieving your weight loss goal.

What is the formula for calculating the percentage of weight loss?

You need two information.

1.Previous weight (when you started diet/workout or anything for losing weight) 2. Current weight.

Weight loss = (Previous weight – current weight) kg or lbs

Weight loss percentage = (weight loss / previous weight) x 100%

Very simple and straight forward formula, ehh!!

Making your own percentage weight loss calculator using Excel

To make your own device for counting the weight loss percentage you will be needing a version of Microsoft Excel. Follow the instructions step by step and at the end, you will have a handy weight-loss percentage measuring calculator.

  • Open Excel- you will find a new spreadsheet by default. Or you can start a fresh one by clicking the new button.
  • You will find the new spreadsheet with a lot of cells.
  • Select any cells – put the cursor and double click to write. For making the calculator aesthetically good start with cell B3 and write previous weight. Go to cell C3 and write current weight and on D3 write percentage weight loss.
  • On B4 and C4 put your previous weight and current respectively.
  • On D4 put the formula “=(B4-C4)/B4” – without quotes. 
  • Now put numeric values on B4 and C4. You will get a result in D4. Press % option while selecting the result in D4. Voila! You are getting the results in percentages.

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